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EU: The European Union Currency in free fall

AS the Euro continues its tumble the world is watching currency wars and oil wars. What is to come of this very pivital time in world

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OIL WAR: OPEC running down the price of oil

The Saudi's Prince Al-Waleed warned that American shale oil would threaten the Saudi economy in 2013. Now it appears that OPEC is running

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EUROPEAN FASCISM: Its on the rise again

The environment in Europe is tense as the momentum politically seems to be towards the European Right Wing which is Fascism. There

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OBAMACARE: Gruber says Americans are stupid

Since the debate for the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) began, Conservatives and Liberals have debated whether the Obamacare law

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UNREST: How far will our nation tumble

With the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo creating a combination of anger, sadness, and talks of racial injustice, there are

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ISLAMO-FASCISM: Cleansing taking place

The Middle East is completely engulfed in mass murder. Since the United States has withdrawal from the region militarily, a huge vacuum

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