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2016 Candidate Rundown

Thought it would be a good opportunity to share some thoughts about the Presidential candidates and what were are up against on the

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Why Christians Do Not Understand Radical Islam

In America, many Christians do not find it possible to grasp why or how Radical Muslims commit acts of violence. Christianity in America

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A Response to TEA PARTY FOUNDER - Debbie Dooley

The Tea Party movement has no founders. There are no individuals that can claim exclusive rights to ideas and principles that were

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In 2008, we heard HOPE & CHANGE more times should have been humanly allowed. Empty promises, platitudes and bumper stickers, sound

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"Never Could Happen" Has Arrived.

You always hear, “That could never happen in America!” or “Do you realize what the condition of the country would have

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Things That Make You Go HMMM...

With so much going on at the top of the Republican nomination reality show, is anyone paying attention to or asking questions about what

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